Conscious: – What’s up with this strange feeling? Why am I feeling it? Hey, dude! What did you do?

Subconscious: – Why do you always assume I did something? It’s not me!

Conscious: – Yes, it is! You’re in control of emotions! Don’t act all innocent.

Subconscious: – I’m not in the mood for this. Why kind of feeling do you have?

Conscious: – I don’t know. I feel some sort of disturbing energy, like I want to run around the block. I feel like I want to punch somebody. It’s quite unsettling since our job is to keep our ass on the chair all day long.

Subconscious: – I suggest you go for a few rounds. It’s the only way to get rid of the feeling. How about that colleague over there? His face looks like it needs a few punches. Let’s go over there!

Conscious: – How about I shake you good until you come into senses and you tell me what the hell did you do?

Subconscious: – How do you plan doing that? You’re powerless, dude!

(Tony Self spinning on the chair)

Subconscious: – Woohhwoohhoo! Stop it! I’m gonna be sick!

Conscious: – Good! Now cut the bulls***! What did you do? What’s this feeling?

Subconscious: – No idea! Maybe it’s a sign you need some porn?

Conscious: – You have a talent to get back to this whenever you have the chance. I wonder how do you do that.

Subconscious: – Easy. Just look around! Most of your colleagues wear tight skirts.

Conscious: – None of the dudes is wearing tight skirts.

Subconscious: – What???? I was talking about the female colleagues. I thought that was obvious. The spinning broke you. WE NEED A DOCTOR OVER HERE!

Conscious: – Stop yelling. That was a joke, but you’re too concentrated about tight skirts to notice.

Subconscious: – Always!

Conscious: – You need to stop that! This is what got us in trouble in the first place! You and your stupid frustrations!

Subconscious: – What do you want from me? I love beauty! Can you blame me?

Conscious: – This is probably where this emotion comes from. It’s your impulse to f***. You’re such a primitive entity…

Subconscious: – We’re not built for monogamy so stop trying to convince me it’s something wrong.

Conscious: – Who says we’re not? Don’t try to justify the wrongness of the situation. Just shut up and focus on something useful.

Subconscious: – Oh yeah? Like what?

Conscious: – Like making me money! I mean us, not me.

Subconscious: – Yeah… and I’m the one with frustrations… Look in the mirror, pal. You’re just like me but you don’t have the balls to admit it. At least I’m talking freely about it. You hide behind morality and psychology and invented words. You want to f*** as much as I do. You just play the morality card to hide. Be real! I already know the truth! Accept it!

Conscious: – Actually, it’s your truth and you try to project it into me. You want me to act upon your frustrations. But not today! I’m stronger now! I’ll use this emotion to do something useful!

Subconscious: – What the f*** can be useful about the instinct to f***?

Conscious: – I’ll use it to compose a poem for our wife.

Subconscious: – Indirectly, it’s still about the f***, isn’t it?

Conscious: – No, it’s about love. Something you’re not familiar with.

Subconscious: – I know all about love. It comes in many forms and positions, especially after 12 PM.

Conscious: – You make me sick…

Subconscious: – That’s what our wife said!