The Self-Talk Show

Your most important show!


If you wonder what the hell is this s***, you’re in the right place. This thing is called a show, but it’s actually my mind and what happens within on a daily basis. You probably noticed that whatever happens inside decides what we do with our life and the number one thing that happens inside ourselves is self-talk, which is more powerful that you might think.

Keeping conversations with yourself will help you have a better self-awareness which will help you create a stronger relationship with yourself. I believe my self-talks are sometimes funny, sometimes interesting and sometimes helpful. The only way I can realize which conversation is which is through having them.

Do you have conversations with yourself? How different are they than mine? What kind of relationship you have with yourself? Are you your best friend or you’re your biggest enemy? Run your own show and you’ll have a better understanding about this.

Oh, and I love talking with myself. I hope that doesn’t make me crazy (or I hope it does!?)… Anyway, welcome to The Self-Talk Show! Take a sit next to my head and watch what happens in yours. Life is too short to be strangers with yourself.

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