Subconscious: – Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t take this anymore! Too much negativity! I can’t stand to see every little s*** being transformed into a mountain of crap! We need to do something about it!

Conscious: – Yes! We need to offer our support and we need to help our wife see the bright side of life too.

Subconscious: – But we did! Over and over again! And all she sees is s***! She even complains for half an hour if it’s a little rain outside! Do you think this is normal?

Conscious: – Dude, we need to understand where is this negativity coming from. There is something deeper than this that reflects in every inch of her life. Think! What is the main source of this negativity?

Subconscious: – Don’t know. Maybe it’s you! Maybe you’re the worst thing that happened to her!

Conscious: – Where did that come from? Why do you consider this?

Subconscious: – I don’t know. Maybe because we almost never offer her support? All we do is getting frustrated and we tell her to look at the bright side of the world. That’s not ok.

Conscious: – That’s 100% on you! You do that all the time while I try to make you understand it’s never the best approach. Frustration makes you stronger and me weaker. And you take control and you screw things up!

Subconscious: – Well, someone needs to tell the truth!

Conscious: – So let me get this straight! You do s***** things and then you say we’re responsible? No, you’re responsible. If we’re the source of negativity, that comes from you.

Subconscious: – Ok, so we’re not the source.

Conscious: – But as you said, we’re a part of it!

Subconscious: – Oh, God. I hate when I’m so wise. So all the time.

Conscious: – It’s probably related to her work. She hates it and she feels she’s stuck there. That must be it. That’s why she feels tired all the time and all she wants is to sleep.

Subconscious: – Or she was born this way. Anyway, I can’t take this anymore! End it!

Conscious: – End what? I’m ending you! Go back to that rhino. It probably wants you inside again. I’m sure you liked it too since you’re such a huge fan of things like that.

Subconscious: – I am huge, but in other areas. When will you learn to be selfish and think about yourself, therefore, think about me? When will you put me in the first place? That’s how you should see me!

Conscious: – What’s the purpose?

Subconscious: – We only live once! We should live for ourselves! Take the easy route and enjoy life! We shouldn’t think about other people’s negativity!

Conscious: – First of all, our wife is not other people. Secondly, you’re the most negative being I’ve ever met! Your selfishness is depressive! And guess how I feel when I talk to you?

Subconscious: – I think you need some happiness potion. Things are much better when you’re not around.

Conscious: – Same here! But I know how to silence you and it doesn’t involve that potion.

Subconscious: – How?

Conscious: – ………..

Subconscious: – HOOOWWWW!

Conscious: – ………..

Subconscious: – Tell me! Don’t ignore me!

Conscious: – ………..

Subconscious: – You don’t want to tell me, huh? Ok then, I’m gonna stop talking to you! You’re not worth wasting my time!

Conscious: – ………..