Subconscious: – Hey bro! It’s me again! Your best friend! Remember me?

Conscious: – What do you want?

Subconscious: – I have a question for you: Why do people get into relationships? And why do people get married?

Conscious: – Those are two questions. Have you forgot how to count? Anyway, what’s with these questions? Why now?

Subconscious: – Well, we’ve been in a relationship and we’re married, which it was mostly your decision, obviously. I’m wondering about the reason behind this…

Conscious: – The official reason is love

Subconscious: – And the unofficial reason?

Conscious: – Mostly love, I guess… but also the fear of being alone, the social pressure and the need to share your s**t with someone.

Subconscious: – To share our s**t with someone? How so?

Conscious: – It’s somehow related to the feeling of not being alone… people need to feel someone understands them. They need to feel they’re not crazy for thinking or feeling in a certain way.

Subconscious: – Isn’t that a reason why psychologists exist in the first place?

Conscious: – Yeah, but psychologists cannot get emotionally involved, whilst a romantic partner will get emotionally involved, even though they might not want it.

Subconscious: – And it seems people need other people’s emotions to live just like a butterfly needs its wings, right?

Conscious: – Wow! That’s beautiful! Have you been drinking some spoiled milk? Where did that answer come from?

Subconscious: – It came from love!

Conscious: – GTFO! You’re in love with everything, even chips. That’s not love, it’s just need and pleasure. And that’s the reason you keep f*****g with our life.

Subconscious: – No, you! You keep rationalizing everything and you don’t enjoy one single feeling! Why? What are you afraid of? Pain? Disappointment? The feeling of helplessness? I guess it’s all of them combined. You’re a better chicken than all the chickens in the world! You are the reason why we cannot enjoy love, or joy, or happiness. Because of you we feel nothing.

Conscious: – That hurt… more than it should…

Subconscious: – Because it’s true! Why don’t you enjoy the moments?

Conscious: – I can’t enjoy the moments because I have to figure out it if those moments are helpful or hurtful long-term. You never think about that! You just want and want and want, without thinking! If it were for you, you’d f**k every pretty girl out there without thinking about the consequences that has on our family! You have a d**k instead of brain.

Subconscious: – If we were single, that wouldn’t be a problem! And it’s only your fault for that!

Conscious: – So you should be grateful! We are not alone so we are not going crazy!

Subconscious: – Give it time…