Conscious: – You’ve been surprisingly quiet for the past weeks… how come?

Subconscious: – I don’t know, man… maybe the alcohol finally did its thing…

Conscious: – The alcohol f**** me up, not you. There’s something else… Is internet down?

Subconscious: – No… I had my fair share of porn today…

Conscious: – So… what’s the problem? How come you’re so quiet? Did you finally grow up???

Subconscious: – No… There were no stimuli, therefore I had nothing to act on.

Conscious: – I think I know what you mean… but starting today the stimuli “is” back on the table. What are you going to do now? I guess something stupid.

Subconscious: – You know me so well! But it’s not stupid if it works!

Conscious: – It doesn’t matter what works and what not. All that matters are the consequences! Are you prepared to face them all? Because I’m not.

Subconscious: – I don’t care about consequences. I only care about what I want!

Conscious: – I know, but what you want can f*** up our life from now on. Is that what you want?

Subconscious: – What if it will be a good f***? What if a better life is beyond this immediate pain and shame and whatever bad feelings you think we’ll feel? That’s what’s bothering me for the past few weeks.

Conscious: – For a first, I guess that makes some sense. The thing is that we don’t need that. All we need we already have. We should be grateful for everything and focus on the future.

Subconscious: – You talk like you already know how the future will be and you want all of that. But do you? If so, how come I want something so different? Aren’t we one and the same? Maybe you should listen to me once in a while.

Conscious: – I listen to you all the time. You’re just wrong.

Subconscious: – I’m not wrong. You’re just too chicken to admit how right I am! Pu**y!

Conscious: – I think you just want some form of attention from someone you like and you like that person just because you received some form of attention from that person. That’s it! And starting from there, you want to make it all about our life and the future and whatever. You’re just like Flubber: stupid rubbery ball that jumps up and down whenever you see a pretty face. Chill!

Subconscious: – Don’t you want a better life?

Conscious: – Why?

Subconscious: – Because it is possible? Because it would be better?

Conscious: – How do you know? And life is pretty ok the way it is. It can be better, but with a better income, not with a gorgeous person that would leave the second someone better comes along.

Subconscious: – You’re waaay too superficial and you have such a low self-esteem. You don’t even think we deserve a better life, do you?

Conscious: – Maybe we deserve it, but I’m pretty sure we can’t achieve it. Not this way.

Subconscious: – But how? By missing out all good opportunities I create?

Conscious: – Let’s call it. I’m sorry I opened a conversation with you, broccoli-head. Talk to you not-so-soon. Bye!

Subconscious: – Running away is your answer to everything. Bye!