Subconscious: – Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, h..

Conscious: – WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Subconscious: – I’m bored… let’s play!

Conscious: – What are you? A child? Go play by yourself with yourself.

Subconscious: – Already did that today. Three times and a half!

Conscious: – Three and a half? How come?

Subconscious: – That’s the thing… no “come”.

Conscious: – And that’s why you came to me?

Subconscious: – Have you paid any attention? Last time I didn’t came…

Conscious: – Not what I meant and that’s not something I need or want to know.

Subconscious: – But now you know! So let’s play! I’m bored!

Conscious: – I have s sweet little game for you! Wanna play?

Subconscious: – You’re an a**whole so I need to know what the game is all about before accepting.

Conscious: – Well, you’re a floppy d***. You need to accept first before I tell you the game.

Subconscious: – That’s not gonna happen!

Conscious: – That’s what your d*** said! Accept it!

Subconscious: – No! Actually, an idea just came to me.

Conscious: – Finally! Something came to you!

Subconscious: – Yeah yeah… hilarious. Let’s cuss ourselves! The cuss needs to have two words and after I cuss you, you need to cuss me using the last letters of the two words to create your own cuss. Wanna do it?

Conscious: – It would be just some wasted time…

Subconscious: – You’re just some wasted time!

Conscious: – Don’t do it. I’m not going to play with you!

Subconscious: – You could’ve said I’m a dead end. And they I would’ve said you’re a daunting duck.

Conscious: – Nope.

Subconscious: – Come on! And then you could say I’m a gutless ketchup.

Conscious: – Why would I say you’re a gutless ketchup? That makes no sense! Wtf is a gutless ketchup?

Subconscious: – A ketchup without gut… duuuuuhhhhh!

Conscious: – Go play… you seem fine by yourself. Just don’t be a gutless ketchup.

Subconscious: – Oh yeah? You’re a sucky pineapple!

Conscious: – I said don’t be… nevermind… just leave me alone.

Subconscious: -Fine! You’re such a yelling eczema! I don’t want to play with you anyway!