Conscious: – It has been pretty quiet today… Hey horny dude, are you awake? What’s up?

Subconscious: – Nothing’s up… that’s the problem…

Conscious: – Uhm, I don’t understand. What would you like to be up and it’s not?

Subconscious: – Guess. What do we have that can be up?

Conscious: – Morale?

Subconscious: – Nope. Try again!

Conscious: – Level of energy?

Subconscious: – No… Keep trying.

Conscious: – The internet speed?

Subconscious: – I can’t figure out if you’re messing with me or you really don’t realize it.

Conscious: – I’m not messing with you. What can be up? Hunger? Temperature? What?

Subconscious: – Did I ever cared about these things?

Conscious: – Well, you always make me eat tons of food that we now have polar bear belly. So yeah, you do care about this!

Subconscious: – Fair point, but that’s not it.

Conscious: – Then tell me! What’s not up enough for your standards?

Subconscious: – The d***…

Conscious: – What???

Subconscious: – The D*CK!

Conscious: – What the hell are you talking about? We used it an hour ago! What more do you want?

Subconscious: – I found a new great porn video and I wanted some action…

Conscious: – That’s really all you care about, right? You are exactly the reason why people cannot evolve!

Subconscious: – I’m the reason people reproduce, so f*** off!

Conscious: – You’re useless… I wish you weren’t here.

Subconscious: – I was quiet. You are the one asking questions. It’s clearly we are not made for each other.

Conscious: – Then go! Fly away! Shut up for life!

Subconscious: – You wish! Even though you’re stupid as f***, I have to make sure you reproduce.

Conscious: – Yeah… as I said… you’re the reason people cannot evolve!

Subconscious: – And you are the reason people die for nothing. Now let’s compare the two: sex vs death. Which is better?

Conscious: – Uhm…

Subconscious: – That’s right! So stop telling me I’m useless. I’m the only reason people give and receive a f***. You’re the reason people die in wars and stupid sh*t. Keep your “smartness”. No one needs it. F*** is enough.

Conscious: – Your logic blows my mind.

Subconscious: – And it is the only blow you receive.

Conscious: – Okay, I’m done for today. Go do your thing.

Subconscious: – At least, I have a thing…