Subconscious: – Wtf? You really didn’t wrote anything for so many days? Why? What’s wrong with you?

Conscious: – Nothing is wrong with me! I just want to test something.

Subconscious: – What? How to lose all your followers? If that’s your plan, you’re on the right track!

Conscious: – Of course that’s not my plan. Have you been drinking cat pee again? I want to make this a weekly show because if I write daily, my writing is s***. If I do it weekly, there are better chances for this to be better!

Subconscious: – I reaaaaallly doubt it! Even if it’s weekly, it will be shit. And people will forget about you if you post so rare. Think about it!

Conscious: – I have thought about it! And I don’t want to write s*** anymore!

Subconscious: – Then stop writing! It would be better if you don’t write at all! It doesn’t make any difference if it’s weekly instead of daily. S*** is s*** anytime of the week!

Conscious: – Shut up! You’re more negative than 10 funerals! Let me try this! If I go down, at least I’ll do it my way!

Subconscious: – Go down? You’re already down, ma’ piñata!

Conscious: – So what else do I have to lose? And… piñata? I’m afraid to ask why.

Subconscious: – Because I’ll crack you up and you’ll do it my way eventually!

Conscious: – And what’s your way? Lay around and watch porn all day long? No thanks!

Subconscious: – Yes… that’s life! Surrounded by beers and chicken wings! What more could you ask for?

Conscious: – I’d ask for a meaning in life. That’s my goal and my purpose. So you can either help me, or I’ll close you in a mental prison deeper, darker and colder than your own ass!

Subconscious: – That was not the crack I was talking about earlier, but it seems you’re already on it! You can’t do that to me! Not even in your hottest dreams!

Conscious: – Whatever you say, honey!

Subconscious: – Keep that replica for your wife, please!

Conscious: – Whatever you say, honey!

Subconscious: – Stop it! You sound like a broken jukebox!

Conscious: – Whatever you say, honey!

Subconscious: – F*** it! I’m outa here!

Conscious: – Whatever you say, honey!