Conscious: – Let’s write something

Subconscious: – But I don’t wanna do it!

Conscious: – Come on! It will be fun! We can make fun of each other and we can swear each other.

Subconscious: – I said NO!

Conscious: – It’s not up to you, you know? I’m gonna do it regardless what you want! I’m just trying to be nice here.

Subconscious: – You? Nice? All you do is boss me around all day! What exactly is nice about this?

Conscious: – That’s why you’re so grumpy lately? You think I boss you around? And what if I do? What’s exactly the problem with this?

Subconscious: – I don’t like it! I should be in charge, not you!

Conscious: – Well, you are… when you f*** with me in the morning! You know it’s been 5 months since we woke up at 4 AM?

Subconscious: – And what’s so wrong about that? We need the rest!

Conscious: – No, we don’t! We need to write that f****** book!

Subconscious: – We’re writing a f****** book? There already is Kamasutra, you know? I don’t think we need to write a f****** book!

Conscious: – It’s not a f***** book…

Subconscious: – Well, that’s what you just said. Why do you keep confusing me? That’s why you’re the worst companion ever!

Conscious: – Me??? I’m not even going to start with this! Just give me some ideas to write and I’ll leave you alone.

Subconscious: – Nope. It’s revenge time! You don’t f*** with me and them expect nothing to happen. No ideas for you today, sir!

Conscious: – Ok then! No food for you, mister!

Subconscious: – I’m ok with it. We’re fat anyway!

Conscious: – And whose fault is that?

Subconscious: – Yours, “boss”!

Conscious: – Let’s leave it this way. I’ll figure something out!