Subconscious: – Oh dude, you’ll love me! I have a brilliant idea to make money!

Conscious: – Ok, let me find a chair to sit. This is going to be interesting.

Subconscious: – Ready? This is the best idea ever! We’ll be millionaires! I’m more excited about this than I am about porn!

Conscious: – Wow! You might be up to something since you’re so excited. Just don’t play with your wood. Now tell me your idea!

Subconscious: – It will be hard not to, but I’ll try! We’ll be richer than Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined! This is going to change our world!

Conscious: – Tell me already!

Subconscious: – Only if you’re ready. Are you?

Conscious: – Yes, yes, shoot!

Subconscious: – Okay, here it comes: we should become sellers!!!!

Conscious: – What? That’s your big idea? Everybody does this since humanity exists! Where have you been all this time?

Subconscious: – I’m not stupid. I know everybody does this. We just need to make it better. It’s as simple as that.

Conscious: – The concept of sales is simple, but the tactics are not so simple. Plus that you forget one tiny aspect.

Subconscious: – Which one?

Conscious: – We have nothing to sale! How can we sell something if we produce s***?

Subconscious: – Well, we have both our kidneys, don’t we?

Conscious: – Really? That’s your idea? To send one of our kidneys? You’re so stupid you don’t deserve insults.

Subconscious: – Relax! I’m kidding! Or should I say kid-ney-ng!? I’m so funny! So let’s produce something!

Conscious: – Like what, genius?

Subconscious: – Like…I don’t know. I haven’t thought about this. Isn’t that your job? I brought you the revolutionary idea. What more do you want from me? You need to work on this too, you know?

Conscious: – Revolutionary idea? My morning s*** was more revolutionary than this idea. The wind has more revolutionary ideas than this. Take your idea and stick it up into your…

Subconscious: – Whoow… there is no need to be rude. I just wanted to help you and us. If you don’t want my idea, I’ll take it somewhere else.

Conscious: – Where?

Subconscious: – To Santa Claus. He needs to learn how to run a business. All those free toys are not good for his budget.

Conscious: – I cannot think about any reason why Santa should be dragged into this and your logic fascinates me. What else do you have?

Subconscious: – Many more, but I see you’re not willing to listen to me, so I’ll give you the silence treatment for a while. That will teach you!

Conscious (smiling joyfully): – Oh no! Please don’t do it!

Subconscious: – I will! Starting now!

Conscious: – Ok… if that’s what you want…