Subconscious: – What’s that sound?

Conscious: – What sound? I don’t hear anything.

Subconscious: – It was 30 seconds ago and it was near us. How come you didn’t hear it? It was freakin’ loud!

Conscious: – I think you have a bug or something. I need to reset you. With a hammer.

Subconscious: – I’ve heard a sound and you haven’t. I think you need a reset, not me. By the way, how’s your life going? Everything ok?

Conscious: – Yes, why do you ask?

Subconscious: – Because you do nothing with your life. No plans. No goals. No money. Why do you keep living anyway?

Conscious: – Hey! This is not a great time to talk about this!

Subconscious: – It never is, man, it never is. But we have to talk about it! Why do you keep wasting our life?

Conscious: – Should I remind you that you stop me whenever I try to do something? You talk me out of everything, just like you did that morning with the exercises.

Subconscious: – That wouldn’t have been useful for us. We need a plan to make some money. And sex. By the way, what was that noise? It was like someone drained a sewerage.

Conscious: – I don’t know what you’re talking about. As for the plan, yes, I have no idea. But what ideas do you have?

Subconscious: – I don’t need to have ideas. Thanks to my imagination, I can do whatever I want. What was that sound? It was like a ghost hit a bottle full of elephant piss.

Conscious: – What kind of imagination do you have to make up something like that?

Subconscious: – My imagination is exactly the opposite of you.

Conscious: – Meaning?

Subconscious: – Rich and funny. But still… what was that stupid sound? It was similar to the sound a rat does when it dies. What was it?

Conscious: – IT WAS A FART! Can we drop it now?

Subconscious: – Ohhhh… that explains the smell. I thought it was you, as usual.

Conscious: – I hope you’ll die soon!

Subconscious: – You smell like you already did it.

Conscious: – I wish I was!