Subconscious: – How do you think butts evolved over the years?

Conscious: – What???

Subconscious: – You know, butts. How they evolved over the years. How were they when the first person appeared on this world? Was the butt bigger or smaller? Was it rounder or more flattened? What influenced its evolution? Did butt f*** had anything to do with the way it is know?

Conscious: – It’s too early for this s***…

Subconscious: – Did s*** influenced the way butt evolved?

Conscious: – You’re not going to shut up, are you?

Subconscious: – B****, I need answers! What makes a perfect butt, perfect? What shaped it that way? Did twerking have anything to do with this?

Conscious: – How important it is for you to have the answers now, at this hour? You know you’ll never know, right?

Subconscious: – We need to do some studies on this. We’ll call it Butt Evolution: The Mysteries Between the Cheeks. We’ll get to touch, measure and play with all sorts of butts along this world. Buttvana

Conscious: – You have waaaay too much free time. Can’t you do something useful, like solving some important problems?

Subconscious: – What’s more important that a butt? It has SSS importance!

Conscious: – SSS? What the hell is that?

Subconscious: – Sit, S*** and Shake. Everyone does every S. This is very important for humankind so we can decide in what way we can influence it so it can become even better for future generations. Butt may become the new brain. Future people will have conversations like this one, but instead of conscious and subconscious there’ll be left cheek and right cheek.

Conscious: – It seems you have all figured out. What do you want from me?

Subconscious: – Strip so we can analyze our own butt. How funny it is that “analyze” has “anal” in this. Perfect context!

Conscious: – I don’t know what substances are you on, but you’re crazy.

Subconscious: – Every visionary is called crazy in the beginning. Butts are everywhere and that makes them important. I don’t know how you can’t see it.

Conscious (picking up the phone to call a psychologist): – Whatever you say, butthead.