Conscious: – Dude, stop playing that f***** song! It drives me crazy!

Subconscious: – Which one? I play many songs simultaneously.

Conscious: – One of them is louder. Scars To Your Beautiful. Please stop playing it!

Subconscious: – Why? I like it!

Conscious: – Yeah, but 5 hours of this it’s more than enough! You’ll give me scars and they won’t be beautiful. On a second thought, why the hell do you play it anyway? It must mean something since you keep playing it for hours.

Subconscious: – Maybe you already have some scars and you want to be beautiful? That’s not possible.

Conscious: – With your company, no, it’s not possible.

Subconscious: – You’re rude again, man. Stop with the negativity! It’s like you have a never-ending fountain of negativity or things like that. Just stop it…

Conscious: – What? This again? Okay, I don’t have the energy to deal with this. I’m too tired from listening to your song. Please leave me alone.

Subconscious: – Nah. You’re tired because you’re a lonely human being. You’re tired because you talk to me instead of talking to other people. You’re tired because you’re stupid.

Conscious: – Yep… and I’m the one having a never-ending fountain of negativity…

Subconscious: – I’m not negative. I’m just being real.

Conscious: – Yeah… that’s why I keep having dreams with my grandfather’s death. Because you’re “real”. I’m gonna shake you good for that, but not today. Maybe tomorrow. Now I’m tired.

Subconscious: – I’m not giving you such dark dreams! You’re doing it yourself, as many other things.

Conscious: – When we sleep, I’m not here, you are. So you’re doing it. You’re either a big fat liar or you’re not aware of it. Either way, I need to investigate that, but not today.

Subconscious: – Investigate? How? You’re gonna sit me on a chair in a dark room and you’ll stick a flashlight in my eyes? Come on. You can do nothing. You’re powerless.

Conscious: – That’s where you’re wrong, my dear soon-to-be friend. I’m gonna squeeze all your information and I’m gonna make you the sweetest friend in this whole wide world!

Subconscious: – That’s… creepy. I think I won’t talk to you for a while…

Conscious: – That’s not up to you!

Subconscious (turning up the volume): – Enjoy the scars.

Conscious: – Uhh… I have so much work to do with you…