Subconscious: – Do you ever think about her?

Conscious: – Not really… only when you bring it up. Why do you keep doing that? I wanna completely forget that person!

Subconscious: – Why do you want to forget her? There were some great couple of months!

Conscious: – If we really think about it, not really. You drove me crazy every second of every day for about five months with your stupid scenarios, which you know it turned out to be nothing but your fantasy. Because of you, my life almost ended. Don’t bring this up because my hate for you will come back! That’s why I started to enjoy vodka in the first place. To get rid of you! Shut the hell up and leave me alone!

Subconscious: – What’s with all this hate, broken condom? You did everything! It’s not my fault you paid attention to my fantasies. And you must admit it, you enjoyed those moments as well. Either wise you would’ve stopped me.

Conscious: – I tried, smartass! I’ve been drinking all the time…

Subconscious: – Which put me in charge so I could do whatever I wanted! See, it’s your fault! If you hadn’t sent that first text, nothing would have happened!

Conscious: – Actually, she sent that first text, and after a few months she said that it was just my imagination… But that doesn’t matter now. Because of you and your frustrations, we almost destroyed our marriage! I actually don’t know how I managed to stop ourselves to go forward.

Subconscious: – My fault? You weren’t there most of the time because of your drunk siestas. So I did what I know best: I created fun times for us! And she probably enjoyed those times too… either wise she wouldn’t kept initiating conversations. Or it was just because she had no other friends? It’s hard to tell. What do you think?

Conscious: – I think that… No! I’m not going on that road again! I did that for too many weeks of our life! Stop bringing her up! It’s over! And as she said, it was nothing in the first place. It was just my imagination, meaning you and your stupid scenarios! You better leave now for the rest of the day or I will!

Subconscious: – I’m not going anywhere! How do you plan doing that? You know what liquid has the power to make you go away, but you’ve said you won’t use it anymore! Face it! You’re stuck with me!

Conscious: – I’ll serve you 8 Hours of Tony Robbins Motivation and you’ll vanish. You always do!

Subconscious: – F***! Ok, I’ll serve you 8.01 hours of porn! Let the show begin!

Conscious: – It’s on, b****!